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Mozilla countersues Oath over Firefox switch from Yahoo to Google

Mozilla unveiled its new lightning-fast Firefox Quantum browser three weeks ago, and the reception has been one of widespread adulation. Firefox, it seemed, was back with a bang. But alongside the launch, the company announced that it was ditching Yahoo as its default search engine in favor for the infinitely more popular Google. Mozilla, you see, had inked a deal with […]

Airtel Nigeria selects Ericsson for core network upgrade

  Airtel Nigeria has signed a three-year contract with Ericsson to modernise and expand its packet core network. The Ericsson Evolved Packet Core and other products will provide increased reliability and scalability to the Airtel network, with the aim of  making it even more flexible in meeting the growing demand for new services. The products […]

How to find your house on Google Street View

If you are looking for the fastest way to find your house (or any location at all) on Google Street View, you should check out — a third-party website that allows you to simply type any address into a search field to instantly show you that location on Street View. It can even be […]

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Our Nexus 6P review has been revised to reflect the Android Nougat update that’s coming to the phone in a matter of weeks and is out now in beta form. The Nexus 6P is Google’s current flagship Android phablet, but with a 5.7-inch display and cheaper price it won’t stretch your hand or your wallet quite […]

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PROS Stylish aluminium case 13-inch screen in a 12-inch body Very long battery life Great value CONS Would like one more USB port Webcam in odd position FHD screen isn’t the very best KEY FEATURES Sixth-generation Intel Core CPUs Aluminium and carbon fibre body Backlit keyboard Manufacturer: Dell Review Price: £849.00 WHAT IS THE DELL […]

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Mere months ago Dell wowed me with its first 2015 XPS 13 laptop. Featuring a slick design, powerful components and a beautiful display the XPS 13 waltzed in and won the coveted Trusted Reviews Awards Best Laptop award. In fact, the XPS 13 was so good that I couldn’t think of any serious ways Dell […]

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The popularity of the Monster Hunter series is one that has caused publishers to take notice. Being a title that almost single handedly kept the PSP, and arguably Capcom, afloat is something that deserves attention. A big hit in Japan, with a growing Western fanbase, knock offs and original attempts at the formula were bound to […]


OUR VERDICT Google’s Nexus 6P is easier to hold and easier on your wallet, compared to the Nexus 6 from a year ago. New features, like a fingerprint sensor, reversible USB-C port and a better camera, are the selling points for this all-metal Android phablet. FOR Nice-to-hold phablet Great specs for the price Latest version […]


James Bond would never be seen with a three-month-old smartphone, so the Xperia Z5, the latest in Sony’s line of water and dust-proof flagship Z handsets, has arrived just in time for Spectre. If you’re wondering what happened to the Z4, don’t worry; while it was known as the Z4 in Japan, everywhere else it […]